Tom Fan
Prof. Apyrl Berney
September 27, 2011

Week One: What is popular culture and why does it matter?

  1. Where has Freccero taught courses on popular culture before? He taught at Dartmouth College and at UCSC.How did these different institutions influence Freccero’s style of teaching or pedagogy?
    The two different schools, UCSB being overtly liberal and fourth coming and Dartmouth College having a more negative view towards these
    subjects, gave Freccero a diverse and largely different area to look upon.
  2. What are the primary reasons Freccero gives for teaching popular culture?
    First, for political literacy. Secondly, due to the pedagogical shift and the changes it brings.What do you think of the reasons she gives?  I believe them to be legitimate and edifying reasons to study Popular Culture.What reasons would you give for studying popular culture?
    I know enough to understand that I do not understand the importance of popular culture. With that said, as of the moment I do not have the adequate amount of interest in the subject to pursue it.
  3. Identify and explain how Freccero approaches the study of popular culture and what tools she uses in order to analyze and interpret popular culture “texts.”
    Freccero taught using Semiotic dimension, the study of sighs, and allegories.
  4. Freccero’s piece is from the introduction to her book Popular Culture: An Introduction, which was published in 1999.  How has the popular culture landscape changed since the time that Freccero initially wrote and published her book?
    Popular culture seems to have become more prevalent in academics, taking on a more serious and sober tone among politics.

    What examples would you suggest Freccero make to her introduction in order for the examples that she uses to be more relevant to audiences and readers in 2011?Not having grown up in USA, I don’t quite understand the examples given. Rather, I worked around them and used context clues.

  5. During the last two weeks of class students will be in charge of developing and leading class.  In groups of 4 to 5 people, will develop class around a particular theme or topic in popular culture.
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  1. Apryl Berney says:

    Passed on week two’s responses.

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